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Ice and Fire Stav, Self–protection Programme

Wanted, people to assist me in trialling a martial training programme

The context.

In order to share the various aspects of Stav with more people than ever before, I am developing five training programmes. The first programme provides a practical introduction to the essentials of Stav. This programme was trialled at the beginning of the year, and is now up and running successfully. You can see details of the Foundation Programme here. Between now, and later in 2019, I will create a total of five programmes, covering the major aspects of Stav. (With the exception of Seid which is not really my area.)

This, second programme, will focus on conflict management and resolution. I do not believe that I can teach martial arts per se online. However, what I will be doing, is sharing the key concepts and principles of self–protection. Then, using these principles, you will develop the habit of keeping yourself, and your loved ones, safe from harm.

Who is this programme aimed at?

1. People who are interested in Stav, and want to see what Stav has to teach about self–protection. Even if you are too far away to attend face to face training, you can still be exposed to the philosophical principles, and key concepts, which underpin Stav as a martial practice.

2. People who want to learn some self–defence, but do not quite know where to start.

I hope that this programme will provide a sound introduction to the subject. Yes, I am fully aware of the limits of learning any martial skill without the direct supervision of a good teacher. However, the most important aspects of self-defence are situational awareness and avoidance of danger. This much, you can teach yourself, and this will be our starting point.

I also believe that this programme will help you find the teacher who is right for you.

3. People who are already training in martial arts, and may even be highly experienced. It is worth being reminded that, if you are sorting out a situation by hitting someone, then something has gone seriously wrong. Justified or not, violence always has consequences.

This programme, will help you think about your training, and how your skills should be used responsibly.

4. Teachers of martial arts. If you do have expertise in martial arts, you will sometimes find yourself being asked for teaching, or, perhaps just advice, on self-defence. What should you share in these circumstances? You may well be perfectly confident about what works for you, especially if you are a strong, fit, young man. But, are your techniques suitable for a lady of sixty five? Or, a boy of seven to use in the playground against bullies? This programme will equip you to give appropriate advice.

How will the programme work?

I admit at this point, that this is the trial, so I will be creating each module week by week as I send it out. At the end of the first nine weeks I might need to radically revise the content and redesign the whole programme. We may even run to ten, or even twelve modules if it seems justified. Your feedback will be very valuable in helping me decide what to include, and what to delete.

Although the modules you receive initially will be work in progress, I will make the completed version available to you, when it is ready.

What will happen, is that each week I will send you an email with links to download a pdf and view a short video. There will be practical work, in building up a set of exercises, and some two person training. The two person training will be very gentle. If you have a friend who is interested in martial arts then then ask them to work with you. However, anyone who is willing to practice with you should be able to assist you. Perhaps your spouse, brother or sister, even your Mum or Day. This is a trial, and we will be finding out what works, and what does not, together.

I am not planning on running a course specifically to go with this programme. I teach classes and seminars on a regular basis anyway, and you are very welcome to attend these events.

So, where to start? If you are already a member of Ice and Fire Stav, then I will have invited to to participate anyway. (If I have not done so then please chase me up.) If you are already familiar with my work and teaching, and feel that you want to go ahead, then please use this link to sign up.

Not yet sure about the value of this programme? I would not want you to risk wasting your time and money. So, first, opt in to my list using the form below and read my Free PDF booklet Peacock Kung Fu. You will also receive nine follow up messages, which cover some of the major concepts in martial arts and self-defence, which I consider to be important.

So, what is Peacock Kung Fu?

Peacock Kung fu teaches four principles of self–protection, which creatures such as Peafowl use to ensure their own survival. These are principles simple enough for a bird with a brain the size of a walnut to apply. These principles provide a sound foundation, for your self–protection too.

Please sign up below and decide for yourself. If you do not get on with my style and ideas, then just unsubscribe, and thanks for at least finding out.

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