Join Ice and Fire

Ice and Fire Membership is open to anyone with a serious interest in Stav.

Since I started Ice and Fire over ten years ago I have maintained a membership scheme which has provided support and encouragement for those training in Stav by attending courses, classes and camps. As such it has been sucessful and the original model was appropriate for supporting people who are also able to make training events. However it has become apparent that there is a need for more distance learning provision and I am developing the membership scheme to reflect the level of support and resources that will enable learning and practising Stav even if it is not possible for you to manage face to face training.

In order to support you in learning and practising Stav Ice and Fire members receive the following benefits:

  • The Ice and Fire Stav Foundation Training Programme, nine modules sent via email over a period of nine weeks. As you might expect this provides a foundation in the practice of Stav including, Stances, basic knowledge of the runes and key concepts used in Stav and a very basic weapon training practice.
  • Other Ice and Fire Stav training programmes. At present the Foundation training programme is complete. A martial and self–defence programme is about to be trialled. Other programmes will follow over the next year or so.
  • Bi–Monthly newsletter posted to your letterbox which will focus on a particular topic of interest to students of Stav
  • Access to ever growing archive of video and text material, there are nearly 50 videos available through the members site varying in lenght from 90 seconds to over 30 minutes
  • The cost is £20 per month and that will remain the price you pay for as long as you maintain your subscription to membership, regardless of future increases for new memberships.

    However there is no notice required for cancelation of membership should you choose to do so.

    Please join by using the subscription button below. Or please make contact by Email and ask for details of how to pay by cheque or standing order. The payment in advance for the year is £200