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Two Handed Weapons Seminar

Saturday 7th of September 2019, 10am to 1pm, Beverley, East Yorkshire

The most basic weapon is the staff

Make it a bit longer and add a sharp point and you have a spear, a little shorter with an edge and it becomes an axe.

If you want to learn how to use a weapon, then start with is the humble staff. You could argue that all weapons are really just some form of staff. The spear and axe are described above, a sword is just a steel stick with sharp edges, a dagger is just a spear with a short handle, a spear is just a dagger with a long handle. Even a gun is essentially just a staff with a long range. Training with a staff will prepare you to use any weapon and will educate the body for unarmed combat.

This seminar will teach the basic principles of using a staff and then go on to show how these principles can also be applied using a spear and the axe as training weapons. In three hours we will only have time to cover the basics. However, we will cover the essential skills for practicing with these weapons. The seminar will cover:

  • Holding, carrying and deploying the staff.
  • Basic strikes and thrusts with the staff.
  • Simple partner drills to develop accuracy, control, judgement of distance and creating an effective guard.
  • Simple partner drills to develop the concept of AIM, action intention and movement. The intentions are based on the five principles of Stav.
  • Having covered the staff basics we will move onto the axe and spear. The axe has a full range of two person drills of its own. In in this case we will focus on the cuts with the axe so that we can use it as an attacking weapon against the Spear. The spear is most effectively used in the nine guards in defence against the axe. The second part of the seminar will cover:

  • Charactaristics and handling of the axe
  • Basic attacking cuts
  • The theory of nine guards with any weapon
  • Nine guards with the staff
  • Nine guards with the spear
  • The Two Handed Weapon Seminar is an opportunity to discover the basics of using mankind's most fundamental weapons. However the most important thing in any martial arts is the practice you do in your own time. At this seminar you will learn the essential drills and exercises which could enable you to become proficient with the staff and related weapons.

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    Come to the Two Handed Weapons Seminar

    Beverley, East Yorkshire on Saturday 7th of September 2019, 10am until 1pm

    Instructor, Graham Butcher

    Maximum 6 people training

    Cost: £20, Ice and Fire Stav members £15

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