Ice and Fire Stav organises the Summer Stav Camp with Ivar Hafskjold. We also provide Stav training in Crewkerne. There are four classes each week and monthly seminars. See Somerset Stav Martial Arts. for more details.

This page is devoted to:

Axe Training, and on DVD

Stav Martial Arts Training Seminars in Salisbury

Our next Salisbury Course will be held on Saturday 7th of May between 10am and 1pm

This course will be devoted to training with the axe using Stav principles and drills

The axe is the weapon used to teach focus and accuracy. It is also the weapon we use for attacking in order to teach defence using other weapons such as the staff, spear and cudgel. There is also defence with the axe against the axe. So, training will cover:

  • Holding and carrying the axe
  • Deployment into guard positions
  • Basic cuts and combinations
  • Training for distance, accuracy and coordination
  • Two person training drills which teach and explore the five principles of Stav through working with the axe
  • This training is all based on the teachings of Ivar Hafskjold. The training drills have been developed over 20 years of exploring and teaching Stav.

    Instructor – Graham Butcher. Organiser – John Lindley

    Venue – St Georges Church Hall, Harnham, Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK. See the Map.

    Cost – £20 or £12 for Ice and Fire members, if paying in cash on the day.

    Pre–book online £15 or £10 for Ice and Fire members. Please see Paypal form below.

    Please select appropriate price for this course

    These seminars are suitable for men and women of any age with or without other martial arts experience.

    Full joining instructions will be sent upon booking on the course. If you travel by public transport we will be able to collect you from the station and drop you back at the end of the day as required.

    Queries If you have any questions before booking then please do not hesitate to Email me or telephone me on 0771 358 5954 and I will do my best to answer any problems.

    As written above, beginners welcome and this will be an ongoing programme of training.

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    What They Say About Our Courses

    (11th to 13th May 2013) Thank you once again for a truly inspirational training weekend in Annapolis.

    Stewart, North Carolina, USA

    (19th May 2013)Back from the most fabulous afternoon of Stav .... Still bouncing :-) ... Thank you Graham! Can't wait til a week and a half's time when I can get back for more!

    Katie, Dorset

    (Ist December 2012) Thanks to Graham, Howard and John for a really good day of training in Oxford yesterday. We did some good work, axe training and a session on the flinch response and how to harness it in ourselves and work with it in our opponent. I have a few bruises today but they were well worth getting ! That was our last course of the year and I am sure that we are all left feeling gratitude to Graham for another year of teaching, wisdom and encouragement. We wish we could meet more frequently to train together or that we all lived in Crewkerne !

    Clare, Oxfordshire

    (1st December 2012) Graham, thanks again for today, it was a very good day, short of people, but loads of good training and good company. Graham managed to nearly rip my head off, but Howard was there to put it back on again. Frazzled and aching but reasonably happy.

    John, Wiltshire

    One thousand thanks to Graham Butcher for three great days of training here in Annapolis, MD, USA, and another thousand to Miki Tracey for organizing the event. I appreciate being able to spend a lot of time on axe drills and self-defense training. I took steps forward over the past three days and am richer for it. I appreciate being able to spend a lot of time on axe drills and self-defense training. (20th June 2012)

    Therissa, Maryland, USA

    Thank you very much for another great Stav class (Oxford 19th May 2012) with new things to learn and "old" things to improve. Along with everything else, your short and sweet desensitisation training changed something in my head, and going back to Aikido on Monday, I found myself amazingly reassured. I really appreciate your spectacularly unspectacular way of bringing out the best in everyone while having fun along the way.

    Anna, Germany

    One of the best training days so far. (14th April 2012)

    Cathy, Wiltshire

    Thanks for such a full and good days training in Denham (31st March 2012) today Graham. Good to work with so many new people and to hear your thoughts on other aspects of martial training you are working with. Really inspirational.

    Clare, Oxfordshire

    Thanks for a great day on Saturday (11th Feb 2012) - the aching arms and shoulders have just about gone :-) Really enjoyed it, looking forward to April!

    Darren, Wiltshire