Cudgel defence
CQC Training
cudgel Training

Introduction to Walking Stick and Baton for Close Quarter Combat

Saturday 23rd of March, 10am to 1pm – Instructor: Graham Butcher

Can a simple Stick Save Your Life?

It may well do if you know how to use it. A stick you don't know how to use is just a liability. Are you prepared to make the effort to learn and practise the necessary skills?

Training with a stick can achieve these objectives:

The stick itself can be used for good effect as a weapon. However, you need to realise that a stick needs to be used in a specific way to defend against unarmed oppoents. A different approach is needed to protect yourself against a baseball bat or similar weapon. A knife or other edged weapon attack needs yet another method of defence.

Training with a stick may also be preparation for using an edged weapon, without the danger of training with live blades.

Training with sticks is a very effective way of training for unarmed combat, especially for defending against weapons. Once movement and body mechanics has been learned and practised with a stick these same skills may be applied without weapons using the same essential principles.

This seminar is based on Stav principles of training with the cudgel and tein. I have also drawn on US Law enforcement best practice with the 21 inch baton. This was taught to me by Allen Reed who was a baton instructor with the US Marshals service for many years. I have also trained in early 20th century use of the cane and walking stick as taught in Bartitsu.

Topics to be covered will include:

  • Cudgel strikes and thrusts
  • Using AIM (action, intention and movement) to block, evade and intercept and disarm
  • Using the tein to disarm a drawn weapon
  • Four stabbing attacks and how to deal with them
  • Using the stick to defend against a knife
  • Using the stick to defend against unarmed assailants.
  • An introduction to the application of stick training as a basis for unarmed CQC
  • Maximum 6 people training

    Cost: £15

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