Cudgel Training
Dagger Training

Close Quarter Weapons Seminar

Saturday 7th of March 2020, 10am to 1pm, Beverley, East Yorkshire

An introduction to close quarter weapons including the cudgel/walking stick and the dagger/tein. We will be looking at the cudgel or walking stick, which is simply a stick which reached from your hand to the floor. The tein, is basically a shorter stick a little longer than your forearm.

By training with the walking stick you can develop:

  • Fitness, flexibility and coordination through regular practice
  • Useful self–defence skills
  • An awareness of AIM, action, intention and movement
  • Tranferable skills which will also work with weapons such as the sword or langsax and unarmed combat
  • Training with the Tein will teach you how to:

  • Use a short weapon for self–defence
  • How to use and defend against weapons such as the knife or dagger
  • Develop a real understanding and application of body mechanics
  • Do you want to learn More?

    Come to the Close Quarter Weapons Seminar

    Beverley, East Yorkshire on Saturday 7th of March 2020, 10am until 1pm

    Instructor, Graham Butcher

    Maximum 6 people training

    Cost: £20, Ice and Fire Stav members £15

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