Self–defence Training
Staff Training

Stav Training in Beverley on Saturday 21st July 2018

There will be two seminars on this day. The morning seminar will be an introduction to Stav self–defence training. The afternoon session will focus on basic training with the staff as used in Stav. You are welcome to sign up for either session or for the whole day.

Please note that we only have space for a maximum of six students in either seminar, so please book promptly to avoid disapointment. There will be a light lunch included for those who are staying for both the morning and afternoon seminars.

Self–defence: 10am until 1pm

This seminar will cover the basics of managing interpersonal conflict where low level violence is a possibility. We will begin with the four principles of Peacock Kung fu. Please get yourself a copy of the pdf if you have not read this yet. (See opt in form at the bottom of the page.) We will then look at how to cultivate these principles with practical drills and training methods which you can continue in your own time.

Subjects to be covered:

  • A really simple approach to self–protection
  • What is, and is not, self–defence?
  • Cultivating awareness
  • Judging distance and managing distance with four postures
  • Controling a grab using the default position
  • Break away
  • Push away
  • How to break balance without over reacting
  • This seminar will teach all that the average person will every really need to know about self–defence. However, ongoing practice is a good idea and there is plenty more to be learned if you are interested. There will be a follow up seminar on the 25th of August and regular classes are held in Beverley.

    Introduction to Training with the Staff: 2pm until 5pm

    The staff is the most basic wepon. Staff training is good exercise for the whole body. Training with the staff will develop coordination, balance, strength and flexibility. Partner training with the staff develops confidence, judgement and awareness. If you can train effectively with a staff you can use any weapon, spear, sword or axe.

    This seminar will be an introduction to the staff and we will cover:

  • Characteristics and uses of the staff
  • Holding, carrying and deploying the staff
  • Nine basic strikes and thrusts
  • Fun exercises to develop accuracy, judgement and coordination
  • Two person drills with the staff which use the five principles of Stav
  • Using the staff for self–defence
  • Retaining and recovering a staff
  • This will be an introductory session, again there are regular classes in Beverley. The staff is taught at regular seminars such as Stavcamp in Beverley in September.


    Please note that there are only six places on either of these courses. Reserve your place by either using the Paypal form below or Email with your name and contact details and request bank details for a BACS transfer.

    Select, morning, afternoon or all day

    Training is scheduled for the following dates, please email if you would like to reserve a place on any of these events:

  • 25th August – Further self–defence training and cudgel seminar
  • While you are about it, find out more about our approach to martial arts training by opting in below.