Who is who in
Ice and Fire

Ivar Hafskjold

Graham Butcher

Alex Fell–Bowers

Miki Tracey

Ivar Hafskjold was born in Drammensfjord at the close of WWII. His family had lived in the region for about 1500 years. Ivar is the 44th descendant of Erling, the illegitimate son of the daughter of one of the Earls of More. Erling and his mother together with a few retainers had crossed the mountains from the West and built a stronghold which became known as Hoskoll. From this the family took their name which later became Hafskjold.

Ivar learned the lore and arts of Stav which had been passed down through his family over the centuries. His main teachers were his grandfather and elder uncles. They taught him as much as they could but by the 1950s and 60s, when Ivar was learning from them these men were rather elderly. This meant that the young man was not able to receive the level of instruction he desired in the martial aspect of the system. This aspect was, at that time, his main interest. So, in the late 1970's Ivar went to Japan with his Japanese wife and studied martial arts there for 14 years. By virtue of his enthusiasm and diligence in training he was accepted as a personal student by some of the best weapon masters still teaching there and returned to Europe in 1991 with a 4th dan in Jo–Jutsu from the Shinto Muso Ryu. No small achievement for a Japanese, let alone a European.

He made his new home in East Yorkshire where he lives with his wife Kioko. Since settling in the UK Ivar has devoted himself to teaching Stav and encouraging its development in all its many aspects. You can visit Ivar's Website here. If you wish to see an in depth interview with Ivar and his approach to Stav training then order the DVD Set.

Graham Butcher Became one of Ivar's original studnents in 1992. Has a background in oriental martial arts including Kung fu, Karate, kickboxing and Nambudo. Moved to Oxford in 1996 and taught Stav there for ten years before moving to Somerset in 2007 where he now teaches in Glastonbury as well as traveling regularly to Oxford and to Europe and the USA to teach. Visit Graham's Stav Site here Or obtain his Ebook on Twenty Years of Stav Training from the Ebooks page.

Alex Fell–Bowers born 1972 started training with dad about 1979, basic boxing and some basic throws that he learned of a guy in the army, most likely ju jutsu based could have been what sykes/fairbairn called defendu (their interpretation of ju jutsu. 1980ish started karate. 1984 started kobudo training 1986ish began kickboxing (5 years)1994 ish started aikido did about 6 years of that began stav about 1994 and trained up to instructor level. Survival training started about 1980 with conversations with granfather practicle lessons with dad, the rest is self taught. interested in traditional skills such as leather and wood working pyrography custom leather work under taken. Will teach survival and practicle self–defence, have writen works on survival and fitness with books on herblore and martial stuff to come out this year. Check out his Book and watch this Video

The USA branch of Ice and Fire is run by Miki Tracey and you can see her homepage here Ice and Fire USA