HEMA Diversity Camp

8th to 10th June 2018, North Norfolk, UK

Allen Reed
Fox Walters
Milo Thurston
Graham Butcher

A martial arts camp for the thinking martial artist

The HDC will give you the opportunity to train with four highly experienced instructors. Each one comes from a diverse background and draws their expertise from very different sources. Each has a commitment to developing excelence in their own skills and each has taught for many years.

Allen Reed – Gallowglass Accademy

Bringing over 30 years experience in law enforcement, Oriental and European martial arts, C. Allen Reed was a firearms, baton, police combatives and TASER instructor in a U.S. Marshals Service for close to twenty-five years. Allen also served as a uniformed officer in a campus police department for six years.

Allen is a member and on the Board of Directors of the American Women's Self Defense Association (AWSDA) and a certified AWSDA's Women's Self Defense Instructor.

Allen holds the rank of Kaiden (7th dan equivalent) in Paracombatives Jujutsu which he taught at the Northwestern University Jujutsu Club for close to twenty years.

Allen studies and teaches the martial arts of Medieval and Renaissance Europe as well as 19th century American and English martial arts. Allen is Headmaster of Gallowglass Academy, Inc. Gallowglass Academy offers classes in Western Martial arts as well as modern self defense. Allen has taught multiple classes on Historical Combat in the Society for Creative Anachronism. He was also been an instructor for the International Bartitsu School of Arms in 2011 and 2012. Most recently Allen was invited to teach at the Fight Camp Historical European Martial Arts conference in England in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

At HDC Allen will be drawing on traditional American fighting skills with workshops on Bowie knife and tomahawk. Allen will also teach a workshop based on contemporary law enforcement skills. You will be learning from someone who has really been there and done it. Find out more at the Gallowglass Academy

Fox Walters – Wolfshead

Fox is based in Lincoln and heads the Wolfshead HEMA school which he has run for eight years. Fox is a regular at Fightcamp where he has taught such varied weapons as the comando dagger, straight razor and supervised knife and axe throwing.

At HDC Fox will be teaching workshops on two contrasting weapons. Two of his sessions will be devoted to exploring principles of the long sword, drawing from various historical sources as well as Fox's experience in training and teaching. The other session will teach the use of the commando dagger. This is a fascinating class which Fox has based on the original war time manuals as well as his own meticulous research. Fox will also set up and supervise a knife and axe throwing range during the camp. Find out more at the Wolfshead School of Western Martial Arts

Milo Thurston – Linacre School of Defence

Milo is based in Oxford where he runs the Linacre School of Defence, which he founded in 1999 after training in modern fencing since 1989 and historical martial arts since 1997. Milo has taken a particular interest in Sir William Hope's various texts on fencing and well as a sideline in studying French methods of self–defence from the early 20th century and 18th century English pugilism. He has published an interpretation of Sir William's fencing methods and also a translation of Renaud's self–defence text from 1912.

At HDC Milo will be teaching Sir William Hope's New, Short and Easy method of fencing, primarily with the smallsword, and Walker's Pugilistic method from the 1840s. Find out more at the Linacre School of Defence

Graham Butcher – Ice and Fire Stav

Graham has trained in martial arts for over 45 years and he has been a student of Stav for over 25 years under Ivar Hafskjold. Graham has taught Stav for most of that time and has taught on four occasions at Fightcamp. He is also a regular contributor to the Mercian Gathering where he teaches Stav as well as delivering workshops on the more esoteric aspects of the system. Graham has also completed Geoff Thompson's Masterclass course and holds a level 2 Self–protection certificate.

Graham is the author of many articles on Stav, posts regularly to his email and Facebook lists and has published several short works including: 'Stav the Fighting Art of Northern Europe' which was an introduction to the martial aspect of Stav, and 'Peacock Kung Fu', four simple principles of self–defence. Graham teaches regular courses and classes from his base in Beverley in East Yorkshire.

At HDC Graham will be teaching the Stav way of training with the staff. Also a seminar on the use of the Norwegian military axe for both attack and defence. Graham's third session will focus on training with the cudgel as a self–protection weapon in its own right and as a basis for using the langsax and similar weapons. Find out more at the Ice and Fire Stav


The HDC is organised and hosted by Ice and Fire Stav. Please address queries to Graham by email or telephone 0771 358 5954


Training will take place from Friday the 8th until Sunday the 10th of June 2018. Camping will be available from noon on Thursday the 7th and you can stay until the morning of Monday the 11th if you need to.


At a private venue in North Norfolk, we will have a large field for camping and training. A large barn for indoor training, dining and socialising. A separate area for activities such as knife and axe throwing. We will also have use the the nearby village hall for car parking and further indoor training if the weather is inclement. The exact location and travel instructions will be sent upon payment of your deposit.

How Much?

Full cost is £150 which includes camping, all meals and refreshments and loan of necessary equipment for each workshop.


This will be a relatively small event with limit of 20 students attending. A deposit of £50 will secure your place, balance of £100 to be paid by the 1st of May 2018. To pay your deposit, or the whole fee if you wish please use the Pay pal button below or email and request the bank details for doing a BACS payment

Deposit, balance or full payment