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Ice and Fire Stav Foundation Training

What is Stav?

Stav means 'Knowledge of the Rune Staves'. To develop this knowledge requires an opportunity to study the runes, their names, the stances, the meanings and associations, mythology, key concepts and principles. This foundation programme will provide study material relating to the runes of the younger Futhork and show how to incorporate the practice of Stav into your life.

The Ice and Fire Foundation Programme

If you want to learn the basics of Stav then our Foundation Programme is a good way to get started. The programme covers, the runes and stances, key concepts such as the web of Orlog and simple drills with the cudgel or walking stick.

The full programme will consist of the nine modules, to be received and studied over a period of about nine weeks. These nine modules are sent out at weekly intervals. Each module consists of a PDF for you to download and study and a short video demonstration. Each module has some simple exercises and tasks for you to try out to help you engage more deeply with the material. You are also welcome to ask questions and make comments on the programme via Email.

The study modules will cover:

1. What is Stav? and introducing the runes with their meanings and associations

2. Learning the stances and rune poems for Frey's Aett and discovering the structure of the Web of Orlog

3. Learning the stances and rune poems for Heimdal's Aett and exploring the web as a map for life

4. Learning the stances and rune poems for Tyr's Aett and learning to see the cutting lines and break points in the web

5. What is the web of orlog? Who are the Norns? What can we learn from the story of Norna–gest? Learning the lines with a stick and actively moving within the web.

6. The Ethical Bind Rune and introducing the five principles of Stav. The Lay of Rig

7. The Healing Bind Rune and Stav for health and well being. The story of Iduna's apples

8. The Craft Bind Rune and practical skills and self–reliance. The story of how Thor got his hammer.

9. The Havamal and what it teaches us about the runes. Also, how to make your own runeset.

Three Responses to the Foundation Programme

"I've been studying Martial Arts, Meditation, Yoga, and energy work for 40 of my 44 years, and for the vast majority of those years, I have been a teacher. In those years, I have searched relentlessly for a way to synthesize what I've learned into a seemless approach to life. A little over ten years ago, I came into contact with basic Stav material, and was immediately intrigued. Here was an approach that contained within it, tools to work with every aspect of life. The only problem was that I lived so far away from instruction.

When I discovered that Mr Butcher had developed a distance Foundation Programme, I jumped right on it. As a teacher, I appreciate someone who's able to teach well. Mr Butcher couldn't have done a better job! In 9 lessons, which include rune lore, myth, physical and mental exercises, and personal stories, the student is subtly immersed in the Stav worldview. After the nine lessons, I was pleasantly surprised to not only posses a greater understanding of Stav, but also a greater understanding of the arts and practices that I've practiced my whole life. It has given me a lens with which to view reality and a tool to navigate the web of life. I wholeheartedly recommend this course!!!

Geoff Dixon, Pennsylvania, USA"

"The Ice and Fire's Stav foundation course has been a real pleasure to work through. I've wanted to study Stav with Graham for a long time, but as a Canadian my ability to travel to the UK is very limited.

This course, delivered by distance (via text files, photos, videos, and email availability) has given me a great taste of Stav, and enough of the basics to work on here at home. Not only is training course effective, but it is also great value for the very reasonable cost. What I do with the practice will depend on my own discipline, but I am confident that Graham's wisdom and guidance in Stav are only an email away. Highly recommended!"

Shawn Sanford Beck, Saskatchewan, Canada

"Graham is a kind and dedicated teacher. He has been very gracious, dealing hospitably with emails that were at times too frequent due to my interest in this art and has provided me with much information for study. I've enjoyed Graham's posts, coming at varying frequency as he has time to write them, always personal, tying together daily events to runic study and the martial arts. Though of short length, there is a great deal of depth to the material in the Foundation Course. One could literally spend years exploring the associations and material presented here.

Stav is a unique art, combining elements that may be similar to Chi Kung, Tai Chi or other so-called internal martial arts with techniques that may be familiar to Qabalist, Taoist and Buddhist practitioners, such as chanting and Galdr. Though Graham does not teach these aspects in his Foundation Course, they are an aspect of Stav and what has in part drawn me to this material.

Graham's specialty is in presenting this material in a grounded way and I have no doubt that he is a superb martial arts teacher. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in Stav that is not able to attend training in Stav locally.

Quinn Cerutti; Gladstone, Oregon, USA

You can obtain access to the programme in the following ways:

  • Sign up below and pay for the course, please see payment options at the bottom of the page
  • Join Ice and Fire and the first service you will receive will be the Foundation Programme followed by the other programmes on offer. See here to join
  • Sign up for a training event which includes receiving the Foundation Programme as preparation for the practical instruction such as the Runes and Trees Retreat in June 2019
  • Cost and Payment

    For Receiving the Foundation Programme the cost is £60 GBP, payment via Paypal button below or by BACs or IBAN please