Stav Foundation Training Course

Cudgel training, okay, we won't be doing it on the beach with the sun
rising over the Caribbean, but you have to admit it is a nice picture

Teacher Graham Butcher

On Saturday 25th March 2017 1000 to 1700 hrs

At Somerset Stav Martial Arts, 3 to 5 South Street, Crewkerne, Somerset, TA18 8DA

Aim: To provide a full day of training in Stav at a foundation level

Objectives: Introduce the fundamentals of Stav and provide the basic skills and knowledge for practice in your own time.

Specific topics covered will include:

What is Stav and where does it come from?

Stav as a way of life promoting self reliance and self knowledge.

Stav means Knowledge of the Rune Staves. What are the runes and how do we develop our understanding of them?

In Stav the runes are expressed through the stances. A major priority of the day will be learning how to do the stances. Written, pictorial and video material will also be available so that you can make the stances your daily practice.

Meanings and associations of the runes. Knowing the runes provides access to a body of knowledge about the natural world, mythology, physical, mental and spiritual development and our relationships with other people. Fully understanding the runes takes at least one lifetime, but we all have to start somewhere.

Learning from bind runes. Stav is an oral tradition with runes as powerful memory aids. We will explore the Ethical Bind Rune as a basis for managing conflict and the Healing Bind Rune for understanding health and well being. It may seem unlikely that such complex subjects can be encapsulated in just six runes arranged around the Hagl rune but you can judge for yourself.

The lines of the web and training with them physically. We will work with a very simple training routine using a cudgel or stick such as a walking stick or cane. The Hagl rune provides a guide to the lines you need to work with. This training system is very easy to learn, can be practised pretty much anywhere with readily available equipment and, if done regularly, will provide a foundation for further martial training.


  • 0930hrs Registration and refreshments
  • 1000hrs Session 1 Getting to know the runes, by performing the stances, galdre, staff exercises and animal exercises – Part 1
  • 1130hrs Break
  • 1145hrs Session 2 Getting to know the runes, by performing the stances, galdre, staff exercises and animal exercises – Part 2
  • 1315hrs Lunch
  • 1400hrs Session 3 Exploring the Ethical Bind Rune
  • 1440hrs Session 4 Training with the cudgel and the Hagl rune as your guide
  • 1545hrs Break
  • 1600hrs Session 4 Exploring the Healing Bind Runes
  • 1650hrs Closing stances
  • 1700hrs Finish
  • This course will be supported by preparation material which will be sent on booking on the event. This information will include details of the runes, the symbols, names and basic meanings and associations. This will continue as a follow up programme of nine modules in all which will enable you to build on what you have learned on the course.

    Follow up programme will cover

  • What is Stav?
  • Getting started with the Stances
  • Rune Poems
  • Frey's Aett
  • Heimdal's Aett
  • Tyr's Aett
  • The Five Principles of Stav
  • Learning from Bind Runes
  • Stav Cosmology
  • Cost and booking

    The cost to attend the course and receive the follow up material is £50

    To book on this course please use the Paypal button below or Email for more details of how to make a BACS transfer to pay for the event.